Wozownia Galeria, Torun - 2017

Solo exhibition - Re:Discovery @ Wozownia Galeria, Torun, April-May 2017.


Exhibition of a collection of work from my Re:Discovery project, including projection, sound, posters and prints of my father's original images. The exhibition also included enlargements of selected pages from my book. The exhibition ran from 7th April - 28th May 2017. The gallery itself is located just metres from where much of the project was shot, and for the first time I was able to witness a local's reaction to my documentation of experiences within the city.


By the time of the exhibition the project had evolved into a desire to learn more about my heritage and my father, with a renewed drive for locating members of the family who would have remembered his original visit. A local journalist took an interest in the work and ran an article about Re:Discovery and my hunt for my family. As a result I have made contact with several members of my family, and identified many of the people within the images. 

Wozownia Galeria Exhibition info